Sunday, March 21, 2010

What emerges from the interface ?

Before I tried to conduct the quizzes and class work online, I have always given my students the
hand- outs as either study materials or paper work for them to submit on the due day.

What is the point of asking students to produce an online worksheet or complete an online reading comprehension?

What is the purpose of asking the students to find relevant information on Internet instead of giving out the well-prepared hand-outs?

Are there some extra learning happening in the process?

I am glad to offer my positive findings here.
  • To submit Online work by typing Chinese characters in PinYin has significant impact on the students' realisation of how importance of studying PinYin. When students are asked to produce an online worksheet, they also need to use the Chinese dictionary to find the new words and phrases, which also requires the application of the knowledge in Pin Yin to their performance task. This is more than 100 times of reminders to the students of the importance of Pinyin. And they all take PinYin very seriously.
  • In order to understand the Chinese idiom very well, the students can go to Internet searching the relevant information on it, either watching the cartoon video story from YouTube, or googling the content of the story in different language, by the end they come to the clear understanding of the particular idiom. They can compare different versions of the story, and eventually form their own understanding. " All individuals acquire the thinking skills that enable them to learn on their own." In the process of finding the meaning behind the Chinese idiom, students are able to " Make sense of information gathered from diverse sources by identifying the misconceptions, main and supporting ideas, conflicting information, point of view or bias. " (AASL)

Chinese idiom story in different types.




  • Above all, throughout this process, we are fostering our students to be an independent learner.


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