Sunday, April 25, 2010

Display on the students' final project works done with different media tools

In middle of April, my two classes of Mandarin Chinese level three students finished the video storytelling on Chinese Idiom project. ( actually we should have done around 9th April, but the school was closed because of the Red Shirt's demonstration.) Below is the students' projects.

There are in total 13 projects done by 13 groups of students from the two classes. I select 8 projects below, which are presented in different media tools, such as window movie maker, animation, powerpoint, flash...some students choose their favourite digital tools that they have used before, some students learned a new tool during the time of making the project. For the display of the total 13 projects, I uploaded them into PartherNET.

(1) 盲人摸象 By Philip Kim, Jin Woo Chung

(2)画蛇添足 by Ching Chak, Nantithon Thana

(3)守株待兔 by Baik dong Jin, Cho Won hee

(4)如鱼得水 By Suk Young, Peige and Preston

(5)塞翁失马 By Liya, Wei

(6)画蛇添足 By Tipbapa, Chung YunJae

(7)塞翁失马 By Pichaporn, Natnicha

(8)对牛弹琴 Christon Fam, Turk Nelson

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